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The most successful Amazon Merchants need to spend money to make money and they use Kickpay to make this happen.

We provide fast and flexible capital for Amazon Merchants to grow your sales.

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How Kickpay Works

Get cash to fuel your growth and only pay back when you ship to your customers.

1. Connect

Connect your sales and inventory data automatically to Kickpay.

Don't worry, no need to manually send PDF bank statements and sales reports. We have technology for these things.

2. Get Financed

Tell us your financing requirements (how much you want and when you want it).

We will put together a financing offer based on your needs. You receive the cash via ACH directly to your bank account.

3. Grow

Spend the money wherever you think it is useful.

Only pay back the loan when inventory ships to your customers. This means you only have to pay money when you make money.

Connect Your Data With 100+ Integrations

Unlike other lenders, we are able provide class-leading functionality since we are integrated
with over 100 third parties to obtain inventory and shipment data.

Does Kickpay Work For You?

Some key things to know when considering using Kickpay for your e-commerce business:
Financing amounts range from $20,000 up to $1,000,000
Kickpay charges a fixed fee. The fee varies but typically ranges from 3% to 7%.
Account set up takes between 1-7 days. Financing takes 24 to 48 hours to get approved.
Flexible repayment:
We only get repaid when inventory ships to your customers, meaning you only pay back when you make a sale. If sales go up, repayments increase. If sales go down, repayments decrease.

The Kickpay system is automated, meaning you never have to make a manual payment.
  • Have a US entity.
  • Have sales >$250,000 in the past 12 months.
  • Use a 3rd party fulfillment center to store and ship your inventory.

OK. You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention.

Killer Features and Functionality.
Built Specifically for eCommerce.

Flexible Repayment
Only repay funds when inventory ships to your customers.

When sales go up, so do repayments. If sales drop, repayments decrease. Simple.
Smart Onboarding
No more manual e-mails with bank statements.

E-commerce companies have A LOT of data. We plug directly into your data sources to make onboarding faster and easier.
Larger Loan Sizes
We built technology that allows us to see your inventory data.

This means you can leverage one of your biggest assets to increase your loan size.
Use Funds For Anything
We ACH the funds directly into your bank account.

This means you can use the funds for anything you think is beneficial to your business: marketing, inventory, R&D, you name it...

You're In Great Company

Some of the world's leading eCommerce companies use Kickpay to accelerate their business growth.

"We went from scary unpredictable spikes in cashflow with our COGS to a pretty smooth expense that simply scales linearly with our sales. That's a lot easier to manage."

Khalil Zahar, CEO, FightCamp
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"Before Kickpay, we wasted time pulling financials and building models for traditional working capital loans. Kickpay plugs into Shopify so we waste zero time on diligence and can focus on growing the business."

Polly Rodriguez, CEO, Unbound
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"Kickpay is the only tool the business is dependent on."

Matt Vroom, CEO, Henge Docks
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Interested in getting cash for your business?

We help some of the world's leading e-commerce businesses get cash to grow. We'd love to help you, too.